For Independent Contractors

Advantages for Independent Contractors using low voltage systems designers for design and build projects.

  • Contractors can offer a larger variety of options for the customer.
  • Customer can be advised of new systems and ideas on the market.
  • Contractor can increase sales volume with additional options.
  • Contractor can offer customer cutting edge technology such as:
    • IP Systems Integration
    • IP Intercom Systems
    • IP Telephone Systems
    • IP Security Cameras (CCTV)
    • IP Access Control Systems
  • Contractor can offer low voltage systems to optimize equipment being installed
  • Run multiple applications on same cabling system
  • Connect multiple communications closets with proper pathways and cable
  • Have correct power in communications closets
  • Have correct air handling in communications closets
  • Use same cabling system for Data, Telephone, CCTV and CATV
  • Offer customer 25-year manufacturer warranty on cabling systems
  • By using same cabling system for both telephone and data, the customer can reduce cost for add moves and changes