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Inside Wiring

Inside Wiring


For most organizations, the inside wiring is the largest and most complicated portion of their network cabling. It is also the most likely source of building code violations and fire hazards, if not installed properly and carefully.

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Advantages of using low voltage systems designers for design and build projects:

Cyber Tech can offer a larger variety of options for the customer.

Customer can be advised of new systems and ideas on the market.

Cyber Tech can increase sales volume with additional options.

Cyber Tech can offer customer cutting edge technology such as:

IP Systems Integration

IP Intercom Systems

IP Telephone Systems

IP Security Cameras (CCTV)

IP Access Control Systems

Cyber Tech can offer low voltage systems to optimize equipment being installed:

Run multiple applications on same cabling system

Connect multiple communications closets with proper pathways and cable

Have correct power in communications closets

Have correct air handling in communications closets

Use same cabling system for Data, Telephone, CCTV and CATV

Offer customer 25-year manufacturer warranty on cabling systems

By using same cabling system for both telephone and data, the customer can reduce cost for add moves and changes

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